Mirror Culture - Response #2


The second response to our 'Mirror Culture' statement from Services Unknown comes from friend and Radio Presenter Timi Ben-Edigbe.

The concept of Mirror Culture, and overcoming its impact and influence on the creative sphere - to me - is a question of your willingness to be exposed to opposing views, tolerate them, engage with them, and see the value maintaining this attitude. 

I for one for many years have made a conscious decision to not partake in the culture of 'Social Media Spring Cleaning' - the act of removing people you've decided aren't "Cool" anymore, or whos broader opinions and ideals you disagree with. Reason being, I personally still see value in the opinions I disagree with and the value of maintaining those relations - if only online.

I make a conscious effort to try to not be in the echo chamber. To not disregard what I don't like, but to allow those influences to give me a greater understanding of what a broader demographic of people are thinking - particularly from my own generation - and thus making me better informed to engage them; and people in general just by maintaining digital social connections.

Also, making events like Brexit less of a shocker as you're more in tune with the movements of mass culture, because your social feed or your media consumption better reflects mass or mainstream consciousness, in turn informing social and creative output with more dimensions.

A large aspect of the concept of creativity is problem solving. 'How do I express this idea or stick to this brief while keeping my creative integrity intact?' Or, 'I don't like the that, how do I communicate this emotion through a creative medium?' Or, 'I do like that, so how do I recreate the elements I like in my own distinct style?'. These circumstances are what stimulate that "creative juice" - and it is that area of the brain that we rely on to deliver those new and exciting idea's.

reducing the risk of rendering yourself and your creative practices a mere reflection of your immediate social surroundings

In short, implementing a more open minded approach towards media consumption and conversation should enable you - and the products of your creativity - to reflect your broader consciousness. Stay connected with the people you've met; even if you don't like what they have to say. And avoid dismissing or disregarding the opinions of the new people you meet; even if you don't like what they have to say and engage with opposing idea's.

Implementing this approach can deliver both positive and progressive results, while also reducing the risk of rendering yourself and your creative practices a mere reflection of your immediate social surroundings - which can be positive, but isn't progressive.


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